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We began preparing for our breeding program in 2015 and established our boarding facility in 2016. Our pups are loved family members: they run and romp on our 8.50 acre Ranch setting and they live, love, eat and sleep in the family house.  

Our K-9 pack consists of 7 members: 5 Irish Wolfhounds, 1 Yellow Lab and 1 Golden Retriever mix. Five of our kids have been with us since they were babies while two came to us when they were older. One of our non-breeding Hounds is a member of the SPCA 2014 Texas 72 rescue mission. His transformation has been a miraculous event.  

Our kids are well socialized - enjoying life and playing with others as well as their 3 feline siblings. Additionally, we have the pleasure of caring for many fur babies at our Boarding Kennels located on-site. Our fur kids health and happiness is our #1 priority, they receive the best medical care available for their preventative care, "as needed" illnesses, emergencies, dental and senior services including chiropractic and acupuncture.  

As a responsible breeder, we strive to improve the breed. Our breeding Hounds have participated in the recommended protocol for Irish Wolfhound specific health screenings (Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Heart). We welcome prospective parents to schedule a visit to our Ranch and welcome everyone to watch our happenings and puppy updates on:

FaceBook: totalpetcare4u 


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